branching out with new (but actually not) things

After impatiently checking my doorstep everyday for the last few weeks, at last my camera has arrived. As well as a bowler hat I bought off eBay, which I’m also very excited about. Although, I had a scary moment when I put them both on at the same time, and when combined with the outfit I was wearing at the time, looked extremely like a Tumblr hipster.

Of course, if these two items weren’t satisfying enough, I headed off to a vintage sale this morning armed with only $10, and managed to spend all of it on a beautifully bright knitted vest – an item of clothing I own nothing similar too. Having only enough money for one thing put a lot more pressure on me to find something worthwhile (and believe me, there were many tempting options), but ultimately the result is me coming away with something I truly want, as opposed to something that I purchase out of a fleeting interest and low price tag combination. It’s interesting, but a this vest is something that 2 years ago I wouldn’t have gone anywhere near. For one thing, I hated vests because it feels like the lack of sleeves is impractical. But also, I just thought that something about their proportions were odd, and they reminded me of awkward early teenage fashions, since there was a distinct waistcoat/vest trend going around when I was 14. I also was in a very muted colour phase for while, to the point of being monochromatic, and transitioning out of that has been a slow process.

That’s what makes this vest so exciting to me – it’s a symbol of me branching out in my tastes, and also buying things without caring what others think about them. I held back on what I wanted to wear for so many years, that it’s only been in the last 18 months that I’ve truly been able to let my style emerge. So far it seems to revolve a lot around knitwear and Doc Martens, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right?

Sometime very soon I will parade around kitted out with my vest, hat and camera and have a merry time gallivanting and photographing. For some reason, these three items feel like the start of something new – perhaps marking a shift in my life direction or general sense of being.

I’ve already wasted the film on several random photos. Well, not really wasted, because I was having a lovely time taking photos of things in my garden and house, but the photos lack meaning. They’re just pretty images, but I was so desperate to get started that that was all I had. Nothing eventful has happened since the camera arrived on my doorstep yesterday – I just went to work, slept and spent today attempting to study but mostly zoning out or napping. But don’t worry, I have big plans for this camera. It’s going to come everywhere with me, so I don’t miss a moment.

Then I shall get the film processed and maybe share some of the photos, if I deem them worthy.

My new old vest

My new old vest



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