about me

“We are selves only in that certain issues matter for us. What I am as a self, my identity, is essentially defined by the way things have significance for me.” – Charles Taylor

Just like so many other people in this society, I am on a quest to find a cohesive identity for myself. By exploring one small thing that I can describe myself as each day, I hope to bring myself one step closer to my ultimate goal.

Basically, I just want to know who I am. And then figure out how to present that self to the world.

Sometimes I describe myself by how I feel, other times by what I do. Each day could be a thought, action, product or issue that I’m concerned about; each one exploring a different aspect of the construct of identity.

The blog shows who I am on the inside and how that manifests on the outside, but there are a few indisputable facts that will not change as my sense of self progresses.

These are just a few demographic categories that I fit into –

My name is Megan.
I am 20 years old.
I study a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Commerce at university, majoring in Behavioural Studies and Marketing.


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