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jazzed about having a reason to primp and preen

Tonight is my friend’s cocktail party in celebration of her birthday.

my plans for the night ahead

I’ve been looking forward to it all week, and finally, it has arrived. All that’s left to do is pretty up, put on my social face and shimmy out the door.

I don’t really drink that much, especially when compared to my peers. I don’t fit the stereotypical uni student who drinks and parties every night (but then, I don’t know that many people who do). I go out maybe twice a month, at most. I used to be more social, but over the last year I realised that it was becoming more trouble than it was worth. I’d put all this effort into making myself feel attractive, and then still feel incredibly insecure when I walked into a club or party. And then I’d drink a bit to increase the fun feeling, but not realise when was a reasonable stopping point. And become the girl who hides in the toilets from people.

So, nowadays I go out rarely, and drink only half that time. Part of this, I must admit, was an imposed ban on drinking by my doctor. But upon being cleared to drink again, I haven’t made that much use of it. Nor do I really have big urges to.

It makes me wonder where they used to come from. Australia is a country renowned for it’s drinking culture – beers and barbecues are a standard affair, and there are many tourist cards adorned with the ‘Aussie bloke’ slouching with a beer stubby in hand. Part of this stems from the link between sport and booze, and Australians are also very heavily into sporting events.

This means that many children have been continuously surrounded by beer for most of their lives, and thus it is easy to acquire. Not to mention the typical teenage rebellion of underage drinking.

For me, though, even as an underager I didn’t consume a lot of alcohol. I typically would have one or two drinks at a party, enough to enjoy myself and ‘fit in’, but not enough that my mother would be grounding me for breaking the law. I never got truly drunk until after my 18th birthday.

Even still, I can probably still use my hands to count the number of occasions I have truly been past the point of tipsy. Everyone needs to test their limits at some point, and for me that was the first couple of years of uni. But no more.  It just doesn’t work out well for me.

But tonight, I will be drinking, though I may not hit my furthest points of intoxication. It is a cocktail night, and it may involve Butterbeer, which I am so keen to try, and after all, I am young. I have plenty of time to be responsible, so for now I’ll just blow off steam with a sample of way-too-sugary drinks (I do like them sweet) and a pleasant giddiness.