cackling over lessons with luis

Last night I caught up with an old friend who has hooked me up to some great comedy in the past, and continued the tradition with the youtube channel of lessonswithluis.

Keeping in mind this comes from someone with the comedic taste in line with The Mighty Boosh and animals wearing hats, this comedy is not for those who enjoy snappy one liners. It’s more simple laughing at odd mannerisms and parodying things (like the news).

I was hooked from the moment I watched my first video, a New News one entitled ‘New Snowland’. I suppose, this is a pretty easy one to love – as an Australian I love anything that pokes fun at New Zealanders, thanks to our friendly rivalry. It certainly does seem to be one of his better videos.

One of my favourite recurring people in his videos is his dad, who kind of reminds me a little bit of Kel from Kath and Kim, but without the bogan reference. He’s just a little odd, and very serious.

And also, a bit obsessed with his cat, ‘Catty’.

His humour is very light hearted, though it does have some deeper issues at heart, such as global politics and sensitive news topics. So, it’s as any good comedy should be, pertinent and still enjoyable.

Not that you’d think it from someone who has a video about their cat doing everyday cat things as one of the more popular episodes.


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