ending the lapse in my baking sessions

Girl Scout Samoa Cookie PieI used to bake weekly, not through any planned schedule, I just felt like it often. But over the last few months I haven’t baked much at all. I think I made one thing since New Years, then decided it wasn’t worth it, since living alone means I end up eating it all myself, and usually in one sitting. And where’s the joy in that? The only result of that is a stomachache.

But today I got the urge again, and luckily for me I am seeing friends tonight who I can force my baked goods on. Though, it wasn’t really baked per se, more frozen, since it’s ChocolateCoveredKatie’s Samoa Girl Scout Cookie Pie. Which really translates to an extreme coconut chocolate pie. Let’s hope it turns out well.

I used to be completely obsessed with her blog, and that’s where most of my baking inspiration came from, since there’s a new post every couple of days and they always sound AMAZING. Plus, her recipes are vegan and healthy, so that kills any guilt factor you can have about consuming so many desserts.

I have a little routine for when I bake. Usually I’ll put on the Beatles (more often than not it’s the white album), have a little dance around the kitchen and taste test every second stir of the spoon. Today, I mixed it up a little with a cd that arrived in the mail today from Fishpond; The Frames’ debut album (the later remastered version), ‘Another Love Song’. Definitely a different vibe, but in a way that’s fitting, since it was a return to this little ritual of pleasure, and kind of marks a new era in baking antics for me.


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