rediscovering the excitations of Spotify

Spotify is what the lovechild of Facebook and iTunes would look like –  a massive library of music combined with the ability to share your inane thoughts and likes with the world. In fact, it’s actually linked to both of them; you can connect your iTunes library and listen to it through Spotify, all the while it automatically posts what you’re listening to on your Facebook page.

Spotify Logo

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But the best part of Spotify is the ability to discover new music and listen to those obscure songs and artists who you never manage to get your hands on. It’s the radio you control.

So today I’ve been able to give really good artists like Passenger and The Neighbourhood the proper time they deserve, instead of just watching random youtube videos of their songs and losing interest after 3 or 4.

It’s very gratifying, and I love having the chance to discover new music.


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