going to have my first taste of mulled cider

New experiences are all so exciting, if a little scary at times. Luckily, today’s new experience has barely any fear contained within it – I am going to try mulled cider at a great cafe/bar in the city. I love normal cider, so I’m expecting a favourable experience. Especially since I’ve heard so many rave reviews from the people I’m going with.

Other new experiences can cause a lot of trepidation, which means you feel so much prouder after your try them, even if they don’t pay off. Take, for example, trying weird and wacky cuisines in other countries or going bungy jumping. Admittedly, the latter turned out even better than expected, but believe me, it was terrifying beforehand.

Sometimes it takes going out of your comfort zone to discover something truly wonderful – whether it be taking a solo trip to a foreign country or just throwing yourself over the edge of that bridge, and ignoring the instincts telling you to stop despite the ropes attached to your body. Push through your barriers of fear and insecurity, and just put yourself out there to see past the wall that imprisons you.

Your comfort zone, where the magic happens

Your comfort zone vs where the magic happens (Photo credit: oklanica)

Outside your little bubble of safety and comfort, there is a whole world of experiences to try. And if you never attempt to broaden your horizons, then you will nothing in your life will ever change. For some people, that might be desirable if they’ve already reached the pinnacle of their experiences on this planet. But I’d say that for the majority, that’s not what you want. I know I certainly don’t. So I constantly have to push myself, to break through my anxiety and do what terrifies me, lest I never be able to change the feelings that drag me down.

Tonight’s cider expedition will do this on a micro level – I might discover a new drink that becomes a large part of my consumption. Then, I shall just have to take that lesson to an even grander scale on my upcoming trip to South America in June.

I’ll make sure to include what happens and my thoughts on the cider in tomorrow’s post, as sort of a part 2 to this one.


2 thoughts on “going to have my first taste of mulled cider

    1. megeor Post author

      No, in the city actually.
      Yeah, that’s why we stuck to cold cider – the bar was pretty warm.

      Perhaps when it gets closer to winter 🙂


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