thinking of those in Boston

image source: CNN

What happened at the Boston Marathon was a tragedy and one of the examples of the worst aspects of humanity, but the aftereffects of it have brought out the best in people.

Shocking world horrors like this always bring out the extremes in people. There are those we don’t understand who commit heinous acts, but then when the community rallies around victims we see everything that is good in the world. The way the marathon runners who finished the 42km race just kept going until they reached the hospital is beyond inspiring.

Terrorism is an extreme act of violence that seems to be the most popular method of waging war in the current political climate. It feels as though this century will be defined by the numerous bombings and massacres that have happened since we brought in the new millenium in 2000, just as the two World Wars characterised the early half of the last century. Already, in the last 13 years we have had numerous global tragedies at the hands of terrorists, far more than we can even count. But each time it happens, the world seems to unite in support of all those affected. Even if this doesn’t stop the crimes from being committed, the rare instance of a common feeling is something of beauty.

There’s a reason that in poetry beauty and tragedy are always linked. Somehow, they often seem to occur side by side.

And after all, unity is the best way to retaliate against terrorism. An act that seeks to divide and create fear should naturally be conquered by love and community spirit. Which is why, the best thing I feel to come out of this terrible day is the crowd standing together.

Next year’s Boston Marathon will be amazing, hopefully with the most entrants it has ever seen as people take a stand against what happened today.

We may not know why today happened, but we do know one thing. We need to stand together. Let’s overpower the suffering with infinite love.

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