disappointed in Melbourne’s weather

The weather in this city is a constant source of frustration for those who reside here. One minute it’s beautifully sunny, the next it’s a thunderstorm. It’s pretty common knowledge that you can get all four seasons in one day.

Today started off lovely and sunny when I strolled to uni to catch up with a friend I haven’t really heard from in a couple of months. We had a lovely catch up (inside, because of course it got cloudy by that point), mostly discussing a mutual love and excitement over Animal Crossing.

Of course, after he left I had an hour to relax and peruse the remainder of my Frankie, since yesterday was a little hectic, between work and meetings. And during that time, the whoop whoop of the fire alarm had to sound. Upon fleeing outside, I discovered light smatterings of rain. Naturally. Luckily, I was able to find shelter in a nearby building and procure myself a hot cup of coffee to fix my ailing spirit.

But this wasn’t even the main reason for my disappointment today. The rain stopped, I went to class and it was cloudy but pleasant when I walked home again. The more exciting event for the day was to be mini-golfing with my crew at work. But because of the unpredictable grey skies of Melbourne, this was cancelled.

I’m not even a huge fan of mini-golf, in fact, I kind of hate it. But I was looking forward to this. For the last few days we had been building up the hype for this night, and it was going to be fun regardless of the activity. At my work, we almost never do fun activities. Previous crew outings have always been bowling, which is good once, but not again and again and again. So the change was going to be refreshing, as well as the fact that the people who I work with are people I genuinely like. Maybe it’s the seniority I now possess, but I feel much more fond of those that I work with than I ever used to.

But now it has been postponed, indefinitely. So who knows when it will happen.

At least I have something to look forward to tomorrow, which weather cannot interfere with – my good friend’s cocktail party. I’m not the most flexible with my plans, and dislike last minute changes. So (fingers crossed) nothing should stand in the way of tomorrow night!


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