a food instagrammer

Yes, that’s right, I am one of those people. The ones who capture their meals with the camera and share them with the world on instagram. I can’t help it, sometimes I make things that look so good, and there is no one here to share it with. So I let the world have a peek.

I’m guilty of this rather a lot, I think. The gallery above should prove that – it’s only a sample of my instagramming.

I know this probably drives some people up the wall. After all, sometimes it’s just downright depressing to see photos of delicious food which you can’t have, or it’s just plain boring seeing photos on the same theme all the time. And most of the time, I think people just don’t care. Foodgrams are a cliche, but I don’t let that stop me. I like taking photos of food just as much as I love the Amaro filter.

This seems to be the effect of social media on our lives, though. Twitter lets us share our every thought; the weird, the trite, the poignant. Facebook lets us stay connected without truly connecting. Tumblr wastes our time with a random assortment of internet highlights, from activists to porn to amusing animals. Youtube lets us watch people sharing their opinions, tutorials and even more adorably hilarious animals. We have access to so much information, and yet we never really seem to delve deep into anything. I read an article for my marketing subject this year called “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, which made the very interesting point that in today’s society, everyone has a little knowledge about everything, as opposed to previous eras where people would be an expert on a single topic because of dedicated research using books and libraries. With 3 clicks you can accrue enough knowledge to satisfy your curiosity without learning all the surrounding information on the topic. And then there is that tantalising little ‘share’ button at the bottom, which lets you communicate your findings with the world.

And so we all live in a culture where we constantly share and communicate, but we never connect. I can tell you a detail about almost every one of my friends, but it doesn’t tell you anything much about who they are. It’s just, “oh, they linked me to that cat video” or “I loved that meme on their facebook”. Or, in my case, “that wine and cheese night looked so good”.


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