hungry for a costume party

I’m not an extroverted person. But somehow, I still love dressing up. Maybe it’s my inner child, or maybe it’s the fact that when you dress up, you get to leave your own personality behind. So when people see you, they’re just checking out your costume. And getting their appraisal is easy, since all you have to do to ace a costume party is go as something totally original, deck yourself out completely as your character or just a combination of both.

And these means easier conversations for my introverted self –  a simple starting point becomes discussing the costume, how someone arrived at it and maybe getting them to explain references. You can easily bond over shared interests, such as if by some amazing chance you end up going as Princess Leia and there happens to be a Han Solo there.

I actually do have a costume party coming up (mathletes vs athletes), but unfortunately the people invited tend to prefer to be ‘pretty’ versions of the costumes. You know, put on a normal outfit and some glasses and that’s it. They still look relatively normal.

And it’s a narrow theme, which doesn’t require a lot of creativity. Athlete is easy to dress up as, you just need sportswear or workout gear of some sort. And the geek/nerd theme is so common these days that everyone has some version of it that they’ve worn somewhere.

Not that this is a bad thing, it makes preparation easier and extremely cheap.

It’s just that it doesn’t satisfy my hunger for a real costume. I want to create something, spend ages google searching ideas for how I’d be a Harajuku girl (almost dressed up as one once, but I changed my mind last minute), or how to perfect my smurf makeup.

But it seems despite many of my friends turning 21, parties are lacking, and costume parties are even more endangered.


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