a fan of Mrs Mays products

Mrs Mays products came to Australia only in the last couple of years, and since discovering them I have been obsessed. I was never much of a nut eater, but the classic crunch range (of which there are only a few I have managed to locate – cashew, almond, pumpkin seed & pomegranate-raspberry) have me eating them non-stop.

Pomegrante Raspberry crunch – my favourite

I think part of the appeal is that they are quite healthy and the simplest ones only contain 3 ingredients. There’s the nut, evaporated cane juice and a dash of sea salt.

Mostly, it’s because they just taste so good. I hate salted nuts, so this swings right up my alley, since they’re almost sweet, despite a little salt-kick.

But I recently had some friends over and a bowl of the almond crunch out, and these were the first to go. Although that might have been mostly me…

But they are undeniably addictive, and for once it’s something that I feel ok being addicted to.


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