The owner of a vintage sailor dress.


I bought this dress off Etsy, on one of my many online shopping sprees. There’s something about vintage clothing that seduces me, and who can resist a classic nautical design.

I’m fascinated by how previously owned items have an enduring life. They have a story of their own, and, oh, the tales they could tell. I just love to think of the things they have borne witness to – this dress could have been the star in a summer romance, attracting the eye of some man as the owner danced about all night, her eyes glittering with good humour. Or perhaps earlier in its life it was worn by an aspiring singer, who wore it to audition for the role in a musical (maybe Pirates of Penzance or Guys and Dolls). 

Or maybe someone only wore it one special occasion, and from then on only took it out of the closet to study it and relive the bittersweet memories of that golden occasion (memories are always bittersweet to me – the bad are inherently bitter but sweet when they’re gone, the good are sweet but you become bitter because it’s over and the memory is all you have left).

The point is, the dress is not a part of my life. I am a part of its experiences. And I won’t be the last person either – this dress has a future ahead of it.

So, today, I am privileged to have the possession of a beautiful dress to make memories of my own in.


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